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About Us

Dr Mallik Singaraju

MBBS, MD, FAGE, PDCR Consultant Oncologist

Dr Mallik Singaraju is one of the leading oncologists in South India, who is currently on the panel of Continental Hospitals, Hyderabad as a practising Oncologist specialising in Radiology. His domain specialisation is Breast and Cervical cancer, while he also treats other cancers. At a very young age, he has earned a reputation for treating hundreds of people living with cancer successfully.

A very down to earth humble human being, Dr Singaraju has dedicated himself to rendering his services to humanity to enhance the quality of life in cancer affected victims. With this goal and objective, he is creating strong foundations for achieving his life’s ambition of providing quality healthcare and making it affordable to all sections of society. As a first step towards achieving his dream, Dr Singaraju has formed the RK Charitable Trust and floated two very effective social initiatives. The Singaraju Cancer Foundation (SCF) supports screening of Breast and cervical cancer screening, and the Singaraju Cancer Support Group (SCSG) supports and help cancer affected victims through their journey of life.

To Know more about Dr Mallik, log onto his website: https://drsmallik.com/

About Cancer Screening

Breast and Cervical cancer are one of the most common cancers in females. It is most commonly seen in the low socioeconomic strata of the female population. Many of them are not even aware of the occurrence of breast and cervical cancers that can paralyse their life and that of their families. There is a need for screening them and educating them to tackle this menace at the root level.

Why Is It Important

Early Detection

To a certain extent, the government has been doing cancer screening camps in PHCs through regional cancer centres. Post covid the number of camps has reduced significantly. This leaves a vast gap for early detection of cancer.


There is a need to create awareness regarding cancer’s causes; many types of cancers are preventable. Most of the deaths occurring from cancer happen due to cancers being detected at an advanced stage.  The awareness regarding symptoms helps us diagnose the disease at an early stage, giving us a fair chance to battle and cure it.


Educating people about cancer is the first step in addressing this problem. Regular camps and screening will help identify the affected population and increase awareness in society about such health challenges. Cancer, if detected early, can be cured.

How We Stand


The first step is to reach remote pockets and hold screening camps to spread awareness and educate the cross-section of women population


We need more organisations and individuals in top places to come forward and show their support to achieve this humongous mission in a 1.4 billion populous country like India.


We are acquiring a state of the art equipment for screening breast and cervical cancers that will facilitate examining people quicker and with more efficient results.


The founder Dr Mallik Singaraju an Oncologist himself will head the camps. However, many other domain doctors and paramedics with other resources are needed for every camp.



Consultation,breast  cancer screening and cervical cancer screening


 Equipment and people transportation locally in Hyderabad


Paramedic staff