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Cancer Support Group

Cancer support group

A person who has had cancer is commonly called a cancer survivor.In the journey of a cancer survivor,the role of care givers is equally important as they are involved physically and emotionally.many times there are patients living with cancer.story with cancer is different for each individual.

Most commonly people who survived cancer experience common emotions like appreciating life more,being more accepting of themselves and feeling more anxious about their health.


Survivorship begins from the time of diagnosis and continues after completion of treatment.it includes coping with treatment side effects and wellness of the individual. Requirements of each individuals differ depending on their age,type of cancer ,site of cancer ,type of treatment and several physical & psychological factors influencing the individual.

Cancer survivors require regular follow up with their respective oncology team to asses the response of the disease to the treatment,side effects,to understand the overall health condition of the patient and also to evaluate if there is any recurrence of the cancer.

Patients undergoing treatment and cancer survivors require help from various medical and paramedical personnel like  physician,  nutritionist, physiotherapist, psychologist, pain management specialist.they require  psychological support from a psychologist for relieving their anxiety about treatment and future.there is a great role for rehabilitation by physiotherapist & occupational therapist to restore the normal functioning of effected part.nutritionist is an integral part of the survivorship.several young individuals require counselling regarding fertility related issues.few patients require dedicated pain management specialist.

Often cancer survivors themselves are motivating other patients with thier succes stories,how and what they did to go through the treament and emerge as survivors.each story is unique and interesting.

This is  an attempt to bring all the required individuals who can  help cancer patients and survivors to cope up with the treatment and during their survivorship.the main stake holders being cancer survivors themselves.

We intend to conduct regular online/offline programmes where in we have experts addressing and answering the queries.we are also providing the provision for anyone to leave their queries with us.we will get back to you and also try to connect to concern specialists if needed.